About Us

Helpline International services  are  India’s leading Manpower Consultants over one decade. Its main object is to secure suitable overseas placements for the Indian professionals, skilled workers and others, who are desirous of securing jobs abroad .

We possess strong to meet the critical employment needs of the consumer organization. Currently our team involves Mature Professionals and consultants who have a recognized reputation in the specific market efficiently managed recruiting at all levels starting from younger to Mature Management for well-known companies. This gives an inbuilt advantage of being able to quickly decide upon and incorporate the consumer requirement for specific tasks considering the characteristics of competitive business environment. As Human resources Professionals we hire the entire range of employees which include experienced and fresh applicants.

Besides being a recognized recruitment Agent with the ministry of overseas Indian Affairs government  of India.


The procedure involves gaining a proper understanding of our client functions, business perspective, HR Strategy, job information, culture fit, compensation, discussion and discussion with the consumer about potential applicant information and the technique of recruiting.

We look for procedure involve network, Databank, Search sites and Head hunting to zero down on the right person , for the right job and in perfect time. The applicant has met to evaluate capabilities and relevance for the role and customer organization. Helpline International services  is  an organizer  is specific for the specific look for to ensure responsibility and keeping on-going emails with the consumer including follow-up action to close the look for within the agreed period of your energy and effort without limiting on overall quality of the services.